How do I register as a delegate? Your institution must register an expression of interest (unless you will pay the fee yourself as an individual) to pay for an institutional registration. This generates an invoice and a delegate registration link for free individual registrations.

How do I know if my institution has registered? Click the “who is registered” link to see if your institution is registered or contact Caroline Burns – Registration

Why attend?

The SANLiC virtual conference is a platform for academic and research library leadership to focus on electronic information resources that form the fundamental pillar for research, teaching and learning in the digital dispensation. While for decades libraries have been acquiring e-resources, Covid-19 compelled immediate virtualisation of library operations and services; instantly, the business had to be conducted electronically. Acknowledging the diversity of our user communities, disparities in the capacity of various academic and research libraries in South Africa and on the African continent, it is fundamental to reflect and share the encounters and opportunities in our different contexts as we conduct business electronically. The impetus for the discourse on Business e-Usual: Contexts, Encounters and Opportunities is a culmination of embracing the current realities in various contexts, reflecting on the challenges from a resilient perspective, with a positive attitude towards a sustainable future in different framings. It is envisaged that the discourse will take cognizance of user information behaviour and needs; collaborations and strategic partnerships; open access transitioning; librarians’ critical skills and competencies; and explore digital disruptions and opportunities in the ecosystem.

Registration fees

Delegates are encouraged to register under the banner and associated benefits of an institutional registration, open to all universities, research institutions and vendors (publishers and agents). Once an institution registers, they will pay a single institutional registration fee which will incorporate the following benefits:

  1. The right for all their staff and students to register for the conference at no further cost. Individuals will however, be required to register in order to secure attendance access at the conference as well as post conference access to conference material.
  2. A virtual exhibition stand should they wish it, to showcase their work, products and services. The exhibition stands will be accessible via the exhibition hall. Delegates will be incentivised to visit the stands.

Delegates who are unable to register under an institution, either because they do not belong to one or because their institution did not register, may register as individuals.

Registration Unit Category Unit type Unit Price

Institutional registration

One fee per institution. Unlimited number of individuals may register. Includes a virtual exhibition stand.

Member – Very Small < 1 000 FTEs or headcount R2 000
Member – Small 1 000 – 14 999 FTEs R5 000
Member – Medium 15 000 – 29 999 FTEs R7 500
Member – Large > 30 000 FTEs R10 000
Other institution Vendor  or Non-member R12 500
Non-institutional Registration
In cases where institutional registration is not possible
Individual From member institutions R2 000
Individual Non-members R3 000
Pensioner R300